Welcome to Med-E-Mail (SM), the exclusive Physician E-Mail Service


1.) What is Med-E-MailSM ?  

Med-E-Mail's mission is to provide physicians with important information germane to their practice--including new product announcements, drug recalls, continuing medical education opportunities, and practice opportunities including locum tenens--in the most efficient and effective manner possible, for review at your convenience, minimizing waste of resources by both sender and receiver. All messages are reviewed and approved by Med-E-MailSM and participating organizations that share our vision of using 21st century technology to help physicians practice with the most timely information available, improving the quality of medical care and reducing the cost of medical marketing in this electronic information age.  


2.) How can I subscribe?  

You must be a practicing physician and voluntarily provide your e-mail address to Med-E-MailSM directly or through a participating organization. To do so, follow this link. Prior to inclusion in Med-E-MailSM you will receive an introductory message from Med-E-MailSM or a participating organization confirming your participation. You need not reply to this message unless you do not want to be included, but you may wish to keep it for your files.  


3.) How do I unsubscribe?  

 If you do not wish to receive Med-E-MailSM, click here.
 or you may opt out of Med-E-Mail
SM at any time by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link provided with each message.


4.) What is Med-E-Mail's Privacy Policy?  

If you do not wish to receive Med-E-MailSM, click here.

Med-E-MailSM collects e-mail addresses of physicians who voluntarily provide them to us or participating organizations, for use solely by Med-E-MailSM and not shared with any other organization unless required by applicable laws and regulations. Physicians providing this information should expect to receive e-mail messages from Med-E-MailSM and approved third parties about matters germane to the practice of medicine and approved by Med-E-MailSM or a participating organization. These messages pertain to subjects including but not limited to invitations to earn honoraria by participating in market research surveys and focus groups, subscription renewals, free notices regarding areas of professional interest, product announcements/promotions, drug recalls, continuing medical education opportunities, and practice opportunities including locum tenens. Med-E-MailSM does not partner with ad server companies.

SM may, from time to time, contact subscriber physicians to advise them of new or unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice.

Any future policy changes will be posted on our Web site and participating physicians will be provided with an opportunity to opt out of the new uses.

Upon request, Med-E-MailSM will provide you with any contact information that we maintain about you.